Muino Time Accounting

An open-source time accounting solution that is for developers, professionals, project-based companies or teams. Instead of spending a fortune on existing solutions, with outdated over-complicated designs, or expensive features that you anyway need.

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Time Accounting is important

So why not making this fast, user-friendly, mobile with tools that give inside in the hours that are spent.

Secure updates

The software is available in a docker container. This for easy updates, and an extra security layer. Time data is valuable information!

Analytic overview

See the hours that are spent on which projects/tasks/users. From anywhere on each device. Or just filling in hours or a project.

Long-time support

No more internal outdated Time management software. That became insecure complicated to work with, or has limited functionalities.

You're here because you want the best!

And we know it

Assign projects As many project are being done on weekly based, writing the hours to a project with their tasks is a job that needs to be done. Therefore entering the hours to a project should be already pre-filtered, for active projects and were you are assigned to. As the projectleader has full controll over selecting the users to projects.

Reports As some has the need to easily generated yearly (or weeks: comming soon) reports in EXCEL. If the need for connecting it with another system, or you want to connect it with your system you can generate JSON or XML. The administration can download all the reports, as the project employier only for itself.

Analytics The project leaders has access to the overview of projects. Also the an overview for projects with their tasks, and the users that worked on that task. An extra overview is the one to see the users doing which projects/tasks of that year. See the screenshots to get a better idea.

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One platform

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Our Clients love us!

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Many times more time is needed to finish projects. This tool gave us more inside in total spend hours.
Irma van Wijnanden
This tool shown that some small tasks of some outdated projects, added many extra hours in a month.
John Bradley
Financial Analyst
We saw that at some meeting, certain colleges where not needed. This gave less wasted time, and actual deliverables.
Jan Iepema
Project leader
Muino is more easy, and fast to use. No more fustrations to fill in hours, so more accurate hours are filled in.
Bram van Luiks

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